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The Imam Al-Asr madrasah syllabus is a syllabus which consists of material written by the great scholars of Islam. We highlight the benefits of this syllabus in the points below:

  • The Imam Al-Asr syllabus is made up of books written directly by the great ulema of Islam who are manifestations of knowledge and piety. An example is The Childrens Book on Islam written by Ayatullah Ibrahim Amini who is one of the Friday prayer leaders in the Holy city of Qom.
  • The above-mentioned books are translated and available in English, and are written in lesson form with questions at the end of each lesson – thus enabling their easy use for teaching. Another example is the excellent books written by Sayyid Riyadh al-Hakim (great-grandson of the Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Mohsin al-Hakim) on aqaid & fiqh, which are especially written for teaching children in madrasah.
  • By using the above method we are familarising the children with reading Islamic books directly, and thus paving the way for them to be able to move on to higher books later on. Moreover, by using works written by the great ulema we are bringing the children closer to the learned scholars so that they can benefit form them more in the future.
  • The teachers of this syllabus will also benefit greatly because they will be trained in teaching the relevant subjects from these books, and thus will also gain access to the works of great scholars themselves. Imam Al-Asr network is providing training courses for madrasah teachers with qualified ulema.
  • Imam Al-Asr network will also give guidelines and help in setting up a reference library for teachers with books relevant to each subject being taught at the madrasah.

The syllabus divied into 5 sections:

  1. Year 1-2 (age 4-6)
  2. Year 3-4 (age 6-8)
  3. Year 5-6 (age 9-11)
  4. Year 7-8 (age 12-14)
  5. Year 9-10 (age 15-18)

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